Envision a greater relationship.

At Sanderson, what’s important isn’t just what we do—it’s also how we do it. Our philosophy is one that puts the needs of our clients first, without exception, and is based on the belief that trust is earned, not assumed. We take great satisfaction—personal and professional—when our clients succeed.

For us, integrity is just as important as the bottom line. By being resolute in how we conduct business, we are able to view each new client as the start of a long-term partnership.

Our mission.

To help you and your family live your best life while working toward long-term fulfillment through a comprehensive approach to wealth management.

Our values.

Independent and objective financial advice.

When you work with Sanderson, there’s never any question of who the number one stakeholder is. We embrace our fiduciary standard of care to our clients and offer full transparency in everything we do.

  • We do not have proprietary funds or managers for recommendation
  • Our only revenue comes from the transparent fees paid to us directly from our clients
  • We are 100% employee owned

Exceptional professional service.

While there are many financial advice solutions today, we strive to distinguish our firm by exceeding industry standards for professional credentials and delivering unparalleled personalized attention to each client.

Our team of advisors holds a wide range of designations and certifications.

Proactive research and portfolio management.

At a time when automation and robo-advice are gaining popularity in the industry, we believe there’s no substitute for managing each client portfolio on an individual basis to ensure every trade fits your family’s unique facts and circumstances such as cash flow, tax implications, and behavioral characteristics.

  • We utilize proprietary and external research
  • We consult with subject matter experts to complement our internal knowledge
  • Our Investment Committee meets regularly to review our asset allocation and investment selections

Open architecture platform.

Providing an open architecture investing platform is another way we honor your best interests and offer you more flexibility and opportunities for your portfolio.

  • We can go anywhere and buy anything across the investment universe, when we think it’s the best option for our clients
  • Through our industry relationships, we are able to provide access to certain investments reserved for select sources of capital

Insightful reporting.

As advisors, we want you to be educated and comfortable with the management of your wealth. To that end, we go to great lengths to provide reports that are equally informative and easy to understand.

  • All accounts consolidated into an overall portfolio view
  • Updates prepared quarterly
  • Up-to-date supplemental reports are provided for personal meetings
  • Custodial reports arrive monthly