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When it comes to your personal taxes, it’s understandable if you prescribe to the notion that less is more. As a Sanderson client, you have access to a wide range of tax services that help you minimize your financial burden and time commitment in order to fulfil your tax obligations.

Comprehensive capabilities.

As an extension of our relationship, Sanderson is prepared to handle all of your tax needs. Our experienced tax advisers are not only adept at the complex, ever-changing tax laws, but how they specifically impact high-net-worth individuals and families.






Integrated, sophisticated approach.

At Sanderson, we’re firm believers in taking a tax-integrated approach to wealth management. Our tax and investment teams are in constant collaboration to ensure all decisions related to your wealth are made with tax compliance and avoidance in mind. By understanding your complete financial picture—including cash flow and portfolio performance— we can make sophisticated tax-efficient recommendations as the opportunities arise throughout your lifetime, ranging from tax bracket management to Roth conversions.

Convenience and peace of mind.

Our seamless process also reduces the time, attention, and effort you spend on your taxes. Simply provide your Sanderson adviser with necessary information and we handle all preparation and filings—keeping you informed along the way. For additional convenience, we also securely store all your documents for future needs.

Please note that all tax and tax-related services are performed by Sanderson Wealth Management CPAs, LLC.

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