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Life isn’t always simple. It’s nuanced and multifaceted. The same can be said about your wealth management. You want to enjoy moments and experiences today, but without sacrificing the future you’ve always envisioned. At Sanderson, we view ourselves as a constant, trusted partner in your wealth planning. Your goals are our goals, and we look forward to providing advice that helps make them a reality.

Today, retirement, and beyond.

While many think that financial planning is aimed at retirement, we see it as much broader than that. Our wealth management philosophy is designed for you to thrive throughout your life’s journey. From your financial position to lifestyle preferences to entrepreneurial ventures, we consider it all part of the big picture.










A deep, productive relationship.

You’ll find our wealth planning is highly customized and analytical. Our advisors get to know you and your family on a personal level, so we can develop a strategy precisely suited to your needs. This allows us to go beyond so-called financial “rules of thumb” that may be appropriate for early simple planning but don’t necessarily pertain to your situation or goals.

Above all, the relationships we have with our clients is based on trust. Every piece of advice we offer has your best interests in mind. At the same time, we don’t shy away from having honest conversations when it comes to matters or decisions affecting your financial wellbeing and sustainability.

Longevity planning.

Thanks to advances in technology and medicine, the average lifespan is longer than ever before. This is fantastic news; however these extra years may have unforeseen financial implications. The truth is some long-standing financial principles are no longer practical. By accounting for longevity, our wealth management strategies prepare you for what’s ahead.

A lifetime of cash flows.

A sophisticated proprietary tool that we find especially valuable in helping clients set expectations and make informed decisions is our proprietary cash flow model. By inputting a variety of your financial factors, we can project what your cash flow will realistically look like in the future. We can also run multiple scenarios to demonstrate how variables such as retirement age and lifestyle choices can impact your long-term outlook.

Once we’re comfortable with the plan, we then stress test it for unplanned surprises and volatile investment returns. We want to make sure your financial plan will support your ideal life today and tomorrow.

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