Spreading Holiday Cheer

by Jan 7, 2020Community

The holiday season is a time of year steeped in traditions, whether it’s during religious observations or spending meaningful time with family and friends. Here at Sanderson Wealth Management, one tradition we practice is giving back to the community.

For the past few years, Sean Casullo and Rita Iannarelli have led our effort to “adopt” a family for the holidays. Through a Buffalo-area church, we were provided with a list of desired gifts for the children and parents. Our team then filled the office with toys, clothes, games, and more, which were delivered to the church in December. Even though we do not know or get to meet the family, it’s a privilege to help make their Christmas a memorable one.

Buffalo is known as, “The City of Good Neighbors.” At Sanderson, we enjoy doing our small part to keep that tradition alive.


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