Investment Consulting

The Dreaded Inverted Yield Curve

John S. Gullo, CFA, CFP®, CIMA® explains the difference between a normal and inverted yield curve, and discusses whether today’s short-term interest rates signal a recession in the near future.

The Art of a Tax Swap: Advanced Tax Loss Harvesting

Tax loss harvesting is a common strategy in the investment world. At Sanderson, we like to take this approach a step further with what we like to call a tax swap.

Video: Foreign Relations, Furloughs, and The Fed –
A Look at 2018 and the Future

In this video, John Sanderson, CPA, CIMA®, highlights the key financial issues of 2018 and how they may impact your wealth in the coming year and beyond.

Investment Review for Fourth Quarter 2018

In our Fourth Quarter 2018 newsletter, John Gullo recaps the fluctuating financial markets, major asset class returns, interest rates, the federal government shutdown, and the outlook of economic activity.

Potential Changes in Fiduciary Standard of Care Laws

Since 2016, there has been proposed legislation to increase the standard of care and regulation for financial advisors. Justin Sanderson provides an update on potential fiduciary laws, and explains what they could mean to the industry and our firm.

Understanding Fiduciary Care and Why It’s Important For Your Wealth

Would you be surprised to learn that less than 12% of financial advisors put their clients’ interests first at all times? Learn what acting as a fiduciary entails, and why it’s the approach Sanderson takes in our client relationships.