Integration Is An Asset

We take a comprehensive approach to wealth management. Examining every aspect of your fiscal world, we identify potential threats and opportunities to maximize the potential growth of your portfolio.

Tax Services

Sanderson Wealth Management CPAs, LLC provides a full spectrum of personal, pass-through entity, business and fiduciary tax return compliance, and consulting services. We are dedicated to providing a high level of support to our investment clients. This link between Sanderson Wealth Management, LLC and Sanderson Wealth Management CPAs, LLC results in a tax-advantaged investment plan and a tax-integrated approach to our overall personal wealth management service for our clients. In an environment of complicated and ever-changing tax laws and tax rates, the importance of a tax-integrated approach to personal wealth management cannot be stressed enough.

Please note that all tax and tax-related services are performed by Sanderson Wealth Management CPAs, LLC.

Some of the consulting and tax compliance services we provide to our clients include:

  • Sophisticated year-end tax planning in conjunction with Sanderson Wealth Management, LLC
  • Sophisticated estate planning and business transition planning services
  • Federal and state personal income tax compliance
  • Federal and state pass-through entity tax compliance
  • Federal and state fiduciary tax compliance
  • Federal and state not-for-profit and charitable organization compliance
  • State business registration and filing assistance
  • Tax reporting services (1099s, W-2s, etc.)
  • Bookkeeping and Trust accounting services
  • Required minimum distribution calculations and monitoring service for managed IRAs