Integration Is An Asset

We take a comprehensive approach to wealth management. Examining every aspect of your fiscal world, we identify potential threats and opportunities to maximize the potential growth of your portfolio.

Modern Portfolio Theory

Developed by Nobel Prize-winning economist Dr. Harry Markowitz, this strategy combines assets that perform differently at different times to lower risk while increasing expected returns. We use it to balance your desired rate of return with your tolerance for risk, resulting in a portfolio tailored to each unique client.

Strategy in Action

We work with you to guide your financial world toward your goals.
Your wealth management specialists will:

  • Conduct a review of your current investment holdings and provide observations
  • Provide a detailed introduction to investment education
  • Determine your investment objectives
  • Prepare an investment policy statement to outline your goals, preferences, and risk tolerance, making sure they are in line with your objectives
  • Determine an appropriate asset allocation to meet your goals
  • Perform due diligence reviews of money managers and/or mutual funds
  • Recommend changes to your portfolio to better suit your unique objectives
  • Monitor portfolio performance with comparative analysis
  • Meet with you and/or your trustees regularly for a performance review
  • Prepare proprietary in-depth quarterly performance reports