Integration Is An Asset

We take a comprehensive approach to wealth management. Examining every aspect of your fiscal world, we identify potential threats and opportunities to maximize the potential growth of your portfolio.

Investment consulting

Sanderson Wealth Management, LLC is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. We provide independent and objective advice to our IAS clients on an ongoing basis. The investment advisory service includes constant monitoring of all pieces of each client’s investment portfolio, and how the entire portfolio works together. Our Investment Committee meets quarterly to review our firm-wide investment choices, explore new investment opportunities, and discuss any special topics that may have come up in the past quarter. The committee also meets yearly to review our asset allocation models, and make changes based on developments over the past year in the capital markets and global economy. Our approach is completely customized to each client’s investment assets, constraints, and risk tolerance. Our portfolios are all truly global, investing in domestic, foreign, and emerging markets for each of our clients.

Creating Financial Synergy Through Tax-Sensitive Strategies

Your financial world is made up of moving parts. Integrating them into a comprehensive, focused strategy is vital to creating a strong foundation – one that protects your position and allows you to take full advantage of any opportunities that the market may present.

Some of the assets we take into consideration are:

• Individual Retirement Accounts
• Individual Brokerage Accounts
• Employer Retirement Plans
• Children/Grandchildren Savings
• Insurances
• Annuities
• Trust Accounts

Some of the services we provide to facilitate integration are:

• Tax Services
• Estate Planning
• Retirement Planning
• Business Transition