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Some Thoughts about Risk

When financial markets are stable and investment portfolio values are increasing, few investors think about the risks associated with their investments.  Some investors will get caught up in the frenzy and begin to overweight investments that have done well lately, with the desire to capture as much return as possible. … Read more »

2013 Year End

2013 Year End Financial Market Update: Global stocks as a whole were up sharply in 2013. Performance differed significantly by geography and company size with domestic large, mid, and small company stocks all up more than 30%. In contrast, emerging market stocks declined 2.6%. Large daily price swings were relatively… Read more »

All bonds are safe, low-risk investments, right?

Not exactly. Bonds are issued and traded in a large, complex marketplace. In fact, in terms of total dollars outstanding, the bond market is considerably larger than the stock market. Bonds also differ significantly from one another in terms of their structure and characteristics. These differences can lead one security… Read more »

Beyond Traditional Stocks, Bonds, and Cash

When constructing an investment portfolio, there are several essential components. What comes to mind for most people are the traditional asset classes: stocks, bonds, and cash. There are, however, numerous investments that are often overlooked. They are known as non-traditional asset classes and strategies. In order to better understand these… Read more »