Our Pledge To You

OUR HISTORY IS AN EXTENSIVE AND VARIED ONE. Founded in 2001, Sanderson Wealth Management’s roots extend to Ernst & Young Investment Advisory Services, of which our President and CEO,  JOHN SANDERSON, was a founding member. Later, John purchased the Upstate New York Practice and spun off from Ernst & Young, but still remained on the Investment Committee of its National Investment Advisory Service. Sanderson Wealth Management now stands as a totally independent entity focused solely on the needs of our clients.

As truly independent advisors, we are different from brokers and money managers, and do not have any financial ties to any fund or investment product, assuring you complete and objective advice – so you will know that the only thing on our agenda is the state of your portfolio. Our approach is also different from other firms in that it integrates all aspects of your financial world, from investments and financial planning to taxes and estate planning.

We are a diverse group of professionals, ranging from those with law degrees and MBAs to CPAs, financial planners and analysts. You will discover the expertise and knowledge you would expect from a larger firm, but applied with the individual attention of a smaller one.

At Sanderson Wealth Management, you will find that trust is one of our most valuable assets.